- Tomorrowby Poetic Friend
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Too busy, dear Sister
Tomorrow by Poetic Friend
Poem of the Month contest entry

Sibling rivalry didn't break
the bond with her sister.
Family ties, once securely wrapped
with ribbons of mingled laughter
and festive Sunday dinners,
were unraveled by procrastination.

Perhaps recession played a role.
Company downsizing coerced her
to work beyond full-time hours
and juggle multiple jobs.
At day's end, she's left
with remnants of weariness--
too exhausted to chat with her sister,
so she promised to call her tomorrow.

Motherhood and matrimony
limit her availability.
Dawns and dusks filled
with homework and household tasks.
No time for a sisterly agenda,
so she vowed to telephone tomorrow.

Midlife crisis found her,
leaving her to wonder
when did gray strands arrive
and to question her life choices.
She soaks in floods of regret--
too self-absorbed to voice thoughts
with the sister who she promised
to call tomorrow.

Months of unfulfilled tomorrows
led "should have" and "would have"
to pursue and taunt her.
Realizing that another tomorrow
may not be granted,
she finally made the call.



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