- The Birth of Imaginationby Lance Polin
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cave dude stares at the sky and realizes something
The Birth of Imagination by Lance Polin
150 Words Flash Fiction contest entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
It was a long time ago and people did not really know anything. The setting of the sun was still causing panic, and the bugs in summer would sometimes eat you alive. No one believed in anything, either, language more a series of grunts, stomping and threats. One guy stands off and stares into the sky as the sun is coming up over the mountains. He looks, wonders. He has no faith in anything. He does not understand what we later came to believe was some sort of God. All he thinks about is boredom and terror and hunger and death. He stares into the sky, making shapes out of the few remaining stars. "There has to be something more," he thinks mournfully, too inarticulate to understand his own thoughts. And so we give birth to religion, and to every war that has ever happened since the dawn of human history.

Author Notes
Lance Polin is, peripherally, a professional writer. A sample of his work can be found here:


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