- Smile, Mona Lisaby Cass Carlton
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What is the secret she hides?
Smile, Mona Lisa by Cass Carlton
Per Mona Lisa con Amore contest entry

I'll tell you a tale of desire
I'll tell you of passion and love
The reason she smiles is a secret
As close as a hand in a glove.

Aramis was a travelling man
With many a brave story to tell
Invited to their bed and board
He held them under a spell

Her spouse snored in his cups
As Aramis and she first kissed
She arranged an assignation
Careful to not be missed.

One became two and then many
Oh but his love was wild
Drunk on the wine of his passion
She feared she was with child.

The child would be her accuser
Her husband was barren as dust
Although she feared to miscarry
She would bear the burden of lust

Then a familiar twinge gave hope
That mayhap all would be well
Her moon had been tardy in showing
And here I the secret tell.

For ages long in women's lore
Women practised all their guile.
And if their arts did child avoid
'Twas cause for a secret smile.


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