- The Bridge of Rainbowsby Liz O'Neill
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The journey of a cat to the bridge of rainbows
The Bridge of Rainbows by Liz O'Neill
A Rainbow writing prompt entry
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A final bowl of his favorite tuna filled with hope
He'll return one last time like he did when she first rescued him
He'd run away because she wanted to sleep and he was yowling
She'd so rudely thrown him out on his fluffy Maine Coon tail and ears
Bittersweet memories of his growing weaker over the years, the final beautiful stroll

Stones tinkling against each other telling the stories of their journey
Wind in the trees whispering a sweet hymn of glory
Softness of the pine needle cushioning the path
To the bridge of rainbows where he'd wait for her to play fetch again
Turning from him, watching her puppy play, turning back, her beloved cat, gone

Walking toward home with only her sweet puppy, the wind moaned deeply
Tangled roots threatening to trip them up
To feel wounded inside and out with bruises which would never heal
The canopy sky attempting to wash their loss away
There was no container large enough to hold all of her sorrow

Rain pounding the ground the whole night long
Tender memories played like a family movie across a white screen
Of embarrassment when he drank out of puddles or frozen bird baths
Or just sat in the snow or got dazed in the catnip potted plant
Letting her hold his magnificent tail for comfort crying into his soft fur

There was no scraping sound of a Maine Coon cat pushing a bowl of tuna
There was no fur to cry into, nothing to comfort her
The drizzling rain even played a sad song
She lay there wondering where is he now
Did he make it to the bridge of rainbows

Enough about the bridge in her darkness
Daylight was dawning, dark clouds beginning to clear
Getting out into the light of day from the long very dark night
Walking back toward his path, sun burning through mist
Head down numb to the sights and sound around her

Something lifted her head toward the sun
Something drew her attention away from the path
He had made it to the bridge
For there in front of her, sweeping the entire sky
Was the most hope-filled uplifting glorious rainbow

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any kind about a rainbow.



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