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Danica prepares for the ultimate battle.
Moving on up by DALLAS01
Introduce your main character. writing prompt entry

Danica wore self like a loose fitting garment. On good days she would accessorize her persona in hoity-toity airs and righteous ribbons. And on dark days, of which there were many, she would rattle her armor and mount her defiance, ready to do battle.

Her secretary may have thought an apology was in order. But Danica Palmer didn't grovel. Screw them, she thought, they would just have to get over it. As she flipped through her appointments, she could feel Betsy undressing her intentions with that stupid know it all smirk on her face. Danica looked up and flashed her a deceptive smile. Betsy was overstepping her boundaries again. If she weren't careful, she would be reading the want adds instead of studying her 401 K. But not just yet. Unbeknown to her, she had a role to play in Danica's mouth-watering scheme to take over the company.

Writing Prompt
In 150 words, give or take 2 introduce your main character. Give the reader a feel for what he or she is like. Protagonist or antagonist, doesn't matter. Stick to word count.

Author Notes
Thanks to Agreenr for the artwork.


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