- Memory Lossby A. Willow Bends
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What must it be to lose our memory?
Memory Loss by A. Willow Bends
    Phobias Contest Winner 

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Once I apparently knew them.
They still seem to know me.
They smile
and I smile in return,
but I can't recall who they are.
They pinch at the corners of my mind,
what is left of it.
Might I have loved these people?
Certainly I would have remembered love!
They pat and hug me
as if I should recognize them
as if to spark that recognition.
I know them NOT. . .
and it is
killing me inside.

Writing Prompt
Write a 10-15 line free verse poem about a phobia you may have. We all have something that very much frightens us. No rhyming patterns.
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Losing memory of my loved ones is my worst phobia.


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