- Love Me Foreverby Liberty Justice
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I asked my love to love me always-didn't work.
Love Me Forever by Liberty Justice
Valentine's Poetry contest entry

L ove me when I am grouchy & depressed.

0 pen your arms to me when I am crying.
V alue me as a loving woman.
E nvelope me into your heart forever.
M end my broken heart when it is torn.
E mbrace me with tender kisses and hugs.
F orever stand by my side through the storms.
0 nly promise to love me.
R emember, always, the good times we share.
E ssential to love is understanding and trust.
V alue time it takes to build our relationship.
E nvy nor jealousy shall tear us apart.
R egardless of life’s struggles we will remain true.


Author Notes
I asked my love to "Love me forever," but it didn't happen. I have moved on and wrote it off as that's the way life rolls. Oftentimes, I remember the good times on romantic holidays, like Valentine's Day, but now, I know it wasn't meant to be, because life has dealt the hand and I played to live the rest of my life alone and lonely.

But, I don't cry much no more. All you lovers still in love, out there, hold on to your dear Valentine, because there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of women and men who don't have a Valentine to hold on to.


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