- Recci And Lola Go Shoppingby Sandra du Plessis
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Animal Cracker - Two pets go shopping
Recci And Lola Go Shopping by Sandra du Plessis

Hmmm ... Lola, can you smell those juicy bones there in the Deli? I want to get us each one of those to enjoy later when we get home, please, darling.

No, Recci .... first, we have to get something to keep our newborn puppies warm for the times they have to sleep alone.

Okay ... I guess you're right, I must stop being selfish, we have four little ones to care for now.

Oh, Recci, look at these cute pajamas, it has little puppies printed on it, looking like our own Arrow with an arrow on his forehead, Tiny the smallest of the bunch, Spotty with one big spot on his back, and then Freckles with a lot of tiny spots on his nose. I think they will look too cute and it is only R10-00 a piece a real bargain. There will also be R15-00 left, and it seems we can get two juicy bones as well.

Thank you, my dear Lola I am so pleased you know how to manage our money, and make the whole family happy. I'll meet you at the checkout, darling. I want to go get those bones before they're all gone.

Okay, then just make it quick; I cannot wait to see my little angels in their beautiful new pajamas.



Author Notes
When Recci and Lola have puppies, it was still cold and they need something to stay warm. The two of them went to the shop to find pajamas for the little puppies. Although Reccie, Lola, and the puppies were real, the shopping trip is fictional.

Pajamas - USA spelling
Pyjamas - UK spelling

I could not find the original photos we had.

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