- Not Guilty of Anything..!by krys123
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What Am I Here For?
Not Guilty of Anything..! by krys123
50 Word Flash Fiction writing prompt entry

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My mind gently rests on the table, confused,
empty, and fueled, sparked
with anticipation, expanding within.

How did they know?
Who told?
It couldn't be the thing, I did, where I hoped they didn't find out?

Slowly churning, smoldering tempest
flames, yearning to explode and what for?

 Not guilty of anything, now….!


Writing Prompt
Write a story that is a dribble. That's 50 words. Title not included in count.

Author Notes
#18) This is sort of a Ekphrastic poem - "a poem that relates to the picture."
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Is anyone going to this, growing up?


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