- To the Marrowby michaelcahill
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1-9-1 Life
To the Marrow by michaelcahill
    1-9-1 Life Contest Winner 


Writing Prompt
Write a 1-9-1 poem, that's a three line poem with one syllable in the first line, nine syllables in the second line and one syllable in the third line.

The only catch is, the word "LIFE" must appear either in the TITLE of your poem OR in the BODY of your poem. Your poem doesn't have to be about anything in particular, but it must include the word "LIFE" in one of those two locations.

Display any way you wish. Add music, GIFs, animations, marching bands ... whatever. Remember, Words beat pretty pictures. :))
1-9-1 Life
Contest Winner

Author Notes

For those who can't read cursive:

two flames seeking the thrill of the wind ...


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