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When your soulmate comes along
The Sweetest Kiss by HarryT
    The time of my life: Contest Winner 

I woke to rumbling thunder. Throwing off my bed covers, I hurried to the window and quickly lifted the shade. Black clouds tumbled, lightening cracked the sky, raindrops pattered against the bedroom window panes. This is not happening, please not on our special day.

It was still early, I tried to conjure hope of relief, remembering the old saw, “Rain by seven stop by eleven.” I met her after experiencing a hateful divorce. I didn’t think I was ready, but I soon realized that she was something special, and I allowed her to soothe the painful hole in my heart. She too had escaped  an unhappy marriage to a weekend alcoholic. After twenty-five years of despondency she ramped up the courage to leave.

We met at work. I knew the moment I saw her sweet smile and heard her soft, dulcets tones that I wished to know her better. After work, at times, we met at a little lake to walk together and shared our life stories. We gradually realized we were falling in love and understanding; our sweet togetherness grew until we realized that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

This was the day of our wedding to be held at a little white county church, followed by a reception in the backyard of a home we had purchased. I placed my hands against the cold window, bowed my head and prayed that the sky would clear. I showered, dressed and consumed a bowl of granola cereal. As I rose from the table, I noticed sunrays sparking off the raindrops streaking down the kitchen window. By eleven o’clock, the rain had stopped; there was the fresh, clean scent of new beginnings in the air. 

I walked into the little church with my brother and stood at the altar.  Her daughter walked down the aisle holding a bouquet of pink roses; then she appeared at the rear. Sunlight shined bright through the round back window as she walked to me,  beautiful in her soft, pink dress, a shy smile upon her heart shaped face.

The minister bid us to clasp hands as we shared our vows. After our promises, the sweet kiss we shared in that tiny church was the best time of my life. It is a memory that has lasted for thirty-two years with the promise of many years of remembrance to come.

Writing Prompt
Write a short story. The topic is: The best time you ever had in your life. It can be as an adult or as a child. Please keep it clean. Minimum length 100 words. Maximum Length 4,000 words.
The time of my life:
Contest Winner


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