- Martin Luther Kingby moonsunrise
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All people are equal in God's eyes and my eyes also!
Martin Luther King by moonsunrise
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Many have loved and respected Reverend Martin Luther King's vision
And his belief that all men and women are created equal in God's eyes
Referencing his speech entitled "March on Washington" which was in
The year, 1963, He spoke of the "Emancipation Proclamation" signed
In 1893 which made reference to the end of slavery in rebelling states
Now is the time and place to make justice for all God's people, he believed

Lessons can be learned from this peaceful activist who fought bravely for
Under privileged people by working to pressure the US JFK administration
To enact a federal civil rights bill in Congress, combating racial inequality
His delivery of "I have a Dream", was a defining moment for civil rights
Encouraged by the nonviolent activism of Mahatma Gandhi, Rev. King
Rallied with marchers peacefully in Selma resulting in much publicity

King very much succeeded in making Alabama's racism visible nationwide
Invoking his fellow citizens and countrymen, Dr. King beleaguered the
Need for continuing to pursue active matters of social justice, peacefully
God truly worked through this most memorable man. May he rest in peace

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Author Notes
My prayer for 2018 is a stop to all racism in our country and world!
Hatred only fuels hatred. Love and peace fuel love and peace.
Our beings, hearts and world are in dire need of this peace. I will never stop praying for this.
God bless us all!


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