- A Friendly Gameby Wetbelly01
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A Friendly Game by Wetbelly01
Board Games writing prompt entry

Captain I don't understand this at all, our entire fleet is...
Disappearing for some unknown reason!

Tell me something I don't know, sailor...
Like who or what is responsible!

Sir, the only ones left are the submarine and... Us!
We've lost our Battleship and Aircraft Carrier!

Captain, what are your orders?

Get on the horn to Command
and fill them in on the situation.
We'll sit tight until ordered otherwise.

By then it might be too late, sir...
We're sitting ducks out here without back-up!

Pull yourself together and carry out my order, sailor!
Aye, Aye, sir...
Sir, I just heard from Command...
Our submarine is not responding, they fear it is lost.
They advise you to use your own judgement
and treat this as a hostile situation!

No Shit... This is a hostile situation!
The trouble is... Where's the enemy?!
We're staying at battle stations and remaining there,
until we can see and destroy whatever enemy is out there doing this!

Captain, radar and sonar reports are clear.
Nothing approaching from above or below, so far.

Keep me informed of any changes...
I'm not going to lose this fifty thousand dollar
Destroyer if I can help it!

Danny, you've sunk everything but my Destroyer!...

Yeah Jimmy, I've still got my Submarine and Destroyer...
It's my turn and with my next call your Destroyer is history... B-6.

Awww Danny, you won again!...
Ain't this a fun game?

Writing Prompt
Write a 200 - 700 word story that incorporates one of these seven board games as a plot, theme, or setting. Gameplay is an option. Sorry could be a story driven by remorse. Battleship could take place on a warship. Fact or Crap could be whimsical. Trouble could be a story about two kids who fight during the playing of the game.


Author Notes
Me and my brother Dan used to play "Battleship"..... A Lot!!


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