- The life of a cable news DALLAS01
This work has reached the exceptional level
Where confusion and deception reigns
The life of a cable news junkie. by DALLAS01
    "The Life of a............" Contest Winner 

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
She wraps herself in cable news
Devouring opposing views;
Between Fox news and CNN,
Flips back and forth then back again.

As she pursues this quest for truth,
She fancies herself quite a sleuth;
But soon, she finds to her dismay-
Malleable facts are made of clay.

The gray zone, where most truths reside,
Is buried in formaldehyde.

Depressed, she's faced with what she's found-
Too much bullshit to dance around;
Fox seems to gift wrap all Trump's lies,
While CNN seeks his demise.

She pulls the plug, says, "What the f*#%
These journalists have run amuck."

Writing Prompt
Create a poem of any length and style, entitled "The Life of a.......". You fill in the blank with any subject. Of course you may use "The Life of an.....", according to your needs. You may use more than one word to fill the blank. Write about an interest , or concern...
"The Life of a............"
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Thanks to David Rhul for the artwork.


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