- Dark Innocenceby brenda faye curtis
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Two girls meet at the park
Dark Innocence by brenda faye curtis
Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry

"Can I play in your sandbox?"

"Sure. It's not my sandbox, it's the park's, but you can come in and play."

"Thanks. My name's Laura. I had a birthday yesterday. I'm five."

"I'm four. I'm Sarah. That's my house, 'cross the street."

"My house is far away....That's my Mommy, over there."

"The crying lady?"


"Why's she crying?"

"We went to see a tore-knee for the dib-horse."

"What's a dib-horse?"

"It's when Daddy and Mommy stop yelling all the time, then Daddy puts his clothes in the truck and drives away."

"I think that happens at my house a lot. A man comes on cartoon day. We eat cereal and watch cartoons and Mommy washes his clothes. Then they go to her room and make noisy kissy face."

"What's that?"

"That's what my brother calls it when they go to her room and close the door. Then my brother tells me to go play outside. Then the man puts his clothes in the truck and drives away."

"Is the man your Daddy?"

"I dunno. Mommy calls him Carl."

"If he's your Daddy, that's a dib-horse."

"They have dib-horse every cartoon day."

"Sarah, does your Mommy cry a lot?"

"Not really, but she don't smile a lot."

"I guess Mommies are not happy much....Where is your Mommy?"

"She's sleeping off her grain. I go out and play when she's sleeping, 'cause my brother says you can't make noise in the house when she get's like that."

"Like what?

"She hollers 'My grain!' and goes to bed. Then I go play and my brother goes to his room."

"I can't go out and play by myself. The tore-knee told Mommy I have to be watched."


"'Cause if I'm by myself, I could get duck-shunned. The tore-knee said 'A duck-shun is a real danger now.' Then Mommy cried."

"I don't know what a duck-shun is."

"I don't either. I just know I can't be by myself."

"I'm by myself a lot."

"What do you do by yourself, Sarah?"

"Sometimes I play here. Sometimes I go to the schoolyard. They have better swings and a see-saw."

"It sounds better than here."

"It is, Laura....Let's go there now. It looks like your Mommy's sleeping, too."

"I'll tell her we're going."

"Better not. She might be sleeping off her grain."

"But I can't go by myself, Sarah."

"You're not. You're going with me."

"that's true....Ok, let's go."

Author Notes
Poverty is not necessarily about lack of money.


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