- We're Just A Visitorby Harry Smith
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Loss of a love one
We're Just A Visitor by Harry Smith
Empathy with Grief writing prompt entry

We are just visiting, in this world,
not in this world to stay.
Just as sure, as we came into this world,
we must leave this world one day.

Our lives are destined from the
beginning, all the way until the
When the Lord decides to
take us, the battles to stay,
in this world, we won't win.

The Lord has already decided
our destiny; when it's time,
He'll let us know.
You may ask how do we know these
things, the Bible tells us so.

We think we will live forever,
but this is just not true.
We are visitors in this world, and
we are just passing through.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any style that shows empathy for the grief of another human being. There are no line length requirements.


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