- Unexpected Cooperationby Wetbelly01
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Unexpected Cooperation by Wetbelly01

We had two dogs at the time of this story.
Rosebud... The hyper, hunter, Beagle.
Then there was Brownie... The older, kicked back,
glad to have a home with caring people, Golden Retriever mixed breed.

One day me and my dad were working on some project out at the garage.

Mom came out with some sandwiches on a plate for us.
Brownie was napping on the floor in front of the workbench,
where Mom left them.

Rosebud came along and spied the plate of sandwiches.
In his Beagle brain, he was trying to figure out how he could get them!
Knowing he was too short to reach them, he saw Brownie napping at
the perfect spot.

With uncanny stealth, Rosebud snuck over and got on Brownie.
Having enough height now, he was able to extend himself far enough
to reach that plate of sandwiches!

He managed to get the edge of said plate and pull it down!
Grabbing up a sandwich, Rosebud quickly departed!

Being awakened by the racket Brownie saw the sandwiches,
grabbed one and ran out also!

Dad just shook his head and we ate the two remaining sandwiches!

Author Notes
For those of you who don't know...
A Beagle is part of the hound family....
Back in Missouri they were bred as "Rabbit Flushers"...
When farmers cleared the forests for their fields, they would
have a HUGE pile of felled trees!..... A perfect rabbit hideout...
With their smaller stature, a Beagle could go in and flush them out...
By the way.... There is no mistaking the "Bay" of a Beagle!


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