- Regretsby Dolly'sPoems
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Secrets of the past . . .
Regrets by Dolly'sPoems


My bleeding heart tore me apart,
I had no sense of time;
I was small with dreams so tall,
a ladder I would climb.
A quenching thirst in me burst,
a self indulgent track;
Eager to see, to be set free,
I never did look back.

The mystery of my history,
filled with darkest secrets.
Firmly shut doors, locked bureau drawers,
a private family business.
A mask was worn, I did not ask,
just led my life with glee.
Questions now bore at the core,
I didn't hear her plea.

Emotion trapped and neatly wrapped,
behind stiff upper lip.
Deep down inside she had her pride,
and silence took a grip.
I presumed no open wound,
could still hurt as time went by;
But I learned she was concerned,
with sorrow in her eye.

To understand not reprimand,
I'd shoulder all her cries,
my loyalty would joyfully,
be comforting and wise.
Now she's gone I came upon,
the secrets she had held,
great sadness caused her madness,
to hide she felt compelled.


Author Notes
This poem is about someone who held secrets of her past which made her life unhappy.
She did not share them with anyone, but held grudges and was wounded inside.


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