- Ride the Waves . . .by Dolly'sPoems
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Ride the Waves . . . by Dolly'sPoems

Ride the waves . . .

The ocean wave, a silent grave,
its power can taunt and haunt;
Rain is a pain as storms remain,
the mood cavorts a flaunt.

Battle on the bay of biscay,
peril on the sea;
Brave the wave, crave to be saved,
pray you'll be set free.

Tons of water to the slaughter,
its might can rock the shore;
Dislodge the land, bore to the core,
relentlessly beat raw.

But when it's calm and smooth and warm,
the salty brine's divine;
Float your boat on her wet coat,
and sailing is sublime.

Rocked to sleep, there's not a peep,
bouncing on the foam,
The gentle wash, the swish and slosh,
is not the same at home.

Obey the rule and keep your cool,
the sea knows how to tide;
Ride the crest, and do your best,
enjoy the freedom glide.



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