- Ode to rama deviby Chrissy710
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Acknowledging rama's reviews
Ode to rama devi by Chrissy710
Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at

There is someone on this site, who when reviewing me
gives practical advice; that's rama devi.
A worldly scholar of the English language,
who helps me out, so then my words may vanquish.

When writing prose or rhymes my punctuation
is often incorrect in my creation.
And if I'm lucky, rama may review,
then rights up all my wrongs, to help me through.

So, rama, on this site I now acknowledge 
I appreciate your wisdom and pay homage.
I respect and always follow your direction,
whenever words of mine need your correction.

We need a wise and kind soul on our site
who will take their time to make our writings right.
There are many here who'll help, you would agree
but for today, my 'Thanks to rama devi".

Christine 3/1/2018



Author Notes
I have written this to acknowledge one of Fanstory's top reviewers in rama devi. Who when reviewing, is always ready to give honest feedback, appropriate ratings and very helpful suggestions to improve ones work.

I often run into trouble with punctuating incorrectly and, I find rama when she reviews my work always has suggestion that will improve my wording and for this I am very grateful.

Not without saying there are many others who have also reviewed my poetry or short stories and have readily given me helpful advice also which I take on board and am always grateful to receive assistance. So to you also 'Thank you'

This site has given me such incentive to write and I really love all the interactions and lovely friends from the FanStory world. I have learn't so much and obviously still learning and I will also try harder to keep up with my reviewing as well

But for now this is for rama devi whom I respect and appreciate her reviews

The image is from this site and although it is not rama, I hope the intention is seen as rama is like a Lady with a Lamp, keeping us all well lit.

Thanks to seshadri_sreenivasan for the use of her image Lady With A Lamp

Cheers Christine


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