- Going to the Party - Dialogue Onlyby Daniel Wood
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A mature couple prepare for a night out.
Going to the Party - Dialogue Only by Daniel Wood
Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry

“Come on, Jim, get dressed. We’re going to be late.”
“We’ve got plenty of time, we don’t have to be there until six.”
“Yes, and it is already almost five, and we’ve got to stop at the store too.”
“Because I forgot to pick up a birthday card for Joy.”
“Jenny, where’s my green shirt?”
“I don’t know, hanging up in your closet I guess.”
“No, it’s not. If it was hanging in there, I’d see it.”
“Well, if you would ever clean up that mess you call a closet, you might be able to find something. I’ve asked you a dozen times to straighten that thing up.”
“I haven’t worn it in at least two weeks, it should be hanging up in here.”
“It’s right there in front of your face. If it was a snake, it would’ve bitten you.”
“Well, I didn’t see it.”
“Now what?”
“My shoelace broke, and I’ll bet we haven’t got 
anymore either, do we?”
“Yes, we do, somewhere. Look in that drawer in the bathroom.”
“AARRRGH, I hate digging through this drawer. Forget it. I’ll wear my boots.”
“I hope you’re not going to be a grouch the whole time we’re there.”

“I’m not a grouch! That drawer’s a mess.”
“Are you ready?”
“Yeah, if I can just find my car keys now.”
“They’re hanging up, right where you put them.”
“Just stop at the Wesco station on the corner. They’ve got cards, I think.”
* * *
“Okay, you know how to get to Bob and Joy’s house, right?”
“Not their new house.”
“It’s over by the old ball field, in that new sub-division back there.”
“Alright, I know where that is.”
* * *
“Okay, this is the sub-division, now where? Do you know what street they live on?”
“No, but I was here once before. Turn left right up here. Then, you make a right, and then a left, and then I think it’s the first house on the left.
Oh, there it is! That's it right back there!”
“Dagnabbit, Jen!  You said it was on the left.”
“Well excuse me for breathing. Just park in front of their neighbor’s house.”
* * *
“Hi, Joy. Happy Birthday!”
“Thank you. Did you guys have any trouble finding the place?”
“Oh no, no problem at all. It was a piece of cake getting here.”



Author Notes
This is an example of what it sounds like when my wife and I are going out. We've been happily married for 31 years.


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