- Time Is Nighby Chrissy710
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Time Is Nigh by Chrissy710

Two things in life we never can deny:
No choice in birth, no choice in when we die.
The hands of time tick steadily away;
It's what we do between these two, can say.

For some, their time is short or not at all.
Born into death, their life is on recall.
Why is this so? A mystery won't find
The heartbreak that they leave is so unkind.

For others, who survive the journey starts
From many walks of life and worlds apart.
For some, their wealth is always guaranteed
While others struggle poverty in need.

Our choices made are ours and ours alone;
No blame to others, good or bad we own.
The wise will use their time to set the pace;
For fools, who know no better, time will waste.

We each, our time creates our greatest test
To make each moment count and do our best,
So if your bucket list is incomplete,
Remember, Father Time does not compete.

Our birth, our life, our death for us is set--
Each one a different time that must be met.
These clocks upon the wall therefore remind
The countdown for us all has been defined.

Christine 3/1/2018



Author Notes
My Picture this challenge entry for this year

Thanks to Sandra Mitchell for the image and Thanks to Jax Franklin for organising this club and therefore giving us a chance to write and participate when we can

Thank you for reading my work and please view the other poems also written for this challenge

Cheers to you all



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