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Heather helps Jo to fight her demons
Old Friends-New Enemies
: Up Popped the Devil. by c_lucas
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Heather helps Jo to rid herself of her demons.

Up Popped the Devil

Nana Kennedy entered my body and I noticed Melanie, fully covered, tied to the travois by her wrists and ankles. “Samuel didn’t want to take her. He said she wanted to stay,” I told Aunt Heather, who just nodded at my comments.

Aunt Heather mounted her mule. “She doesn’t know what she wants. I need a quiet place to work with her. Would you take us to your canyon?” 

“Yes ma’am, I will.” I led the way with my aunt riding by my side.  Why would she want to go to Seth’s and my canyon? It’s far from peaceful. Three men have died there by my hands.
It was a two-hour ride from Uncle Sky’s second farm to Seth and my canyon.  Melanie slept the whole way. I looked at Aunt Heather. She had a calm, but determined look; her smile was missing.

“Is there something wrong, Aunt Heather?” I asked.

She smiled at me and shook her head. “Sometimes I wonder what Brigit's plans are. I know what she wants from me, but I don’t know what she wants from you.”

“Why should she want anything from me?”

“That’s why we are here; to find out.”    

Aunt Heather entered the canyon and rode to the spot where I had killed my two uncles. She turned and looked at me. “I can't think of no other demons who deserved the fate of the death you gave them. They still control you because you allow them to. Beckon them now and I’ll show you how to rid yourself of them.”
“How do I do that?” I asked as my fear became stronger.

“As you usually do. Think about them and they will come. Be prepared for Brigit's response. You will be rid of them and have peace.

I began to tremble as I felt their presence and dropped to my knees. I felt the whip and cigar burns. Then a strong presence made itself known. The fear left me and I could no longer feel my uncles’ torment.

Brigit has offered you her healing. Your uncles will not bother you anymore. Don’t be afraid of the image she sends you.

I felt strong heat. It was hotter than I have ever felt. Suddenly I felt an immense coolness and a strong sense of peace. The canyon changed into a place of beauty. Large green trees and plants were everywhere. The stream turned into a pond and flowers bloomed everywhere.

The last image was of Seth lying in bed. He smiled at me. I felt complete and rushed to him. His image disappeared and Nana stood where Seth had been.

“Yeh know yeh cannot touch an image. What yeh saw was an image of your husband.  Seth is healing, but he has a long path in front of him. Yeh need to grow stronger, Cailin.”

Nana disappeared and I turned toward Aunt Heather. She had a glow of light around her. “The next image will be the strongest of all. You know you are well protected.” The image of my father stood between me and Aunt Heather.

I saw him as the evil man in my dreams. He killed my mother and tried to sell me to a whore house. The woman didn’t want me. She ordered a large man to throw us out. Once my father carried me out, he threw me down the steps, stabbed the big man, and set the back of the house on fire. I fled with my clothes in my hand and wrapped only in a bed sheet. My father ran in another direction.

I stared at him and reached for my gun. I couldn’t draw because my gun was too heavy.

“You don’t need your gun. Use the power around you and get rid of him. Free your mind.” The light around Aunt Heather grew brighter. 

My thoughts centered around how I had removed my uncles from my mind. The intense heat surrounded my father, who started to scream. The image and the light around Aunt Heather faded. I had no fear of my father. I felt free.

I smiled at my Aunt. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now for your greatest match.” She glanced at the sleeping Melanie and waved her right hand. The ropes and the travois vanished.  

Melanie, naked as before, picked up a fist-sized rock and charged me, screaming filthy words at the top of her voice.



Author Notes
Thank you, helvi2 for the use of your image, "Night of The Reaper."
Cailin -Irish for a young girl.


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