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Anderson and Shana arrive at the hospital.
Perennials of War
: Chapter Achtzehn part zwei by barbara.wilkey

Is Anderson a gallant knight? Can he recover Shana's family's stolen relics and heal the wounds of genocide?


Anderson's eyebrows rose. "So there is a benefit from marrying out of the Jewish faith."

Shana took a deep breath. "Jewish history spans over thirty-three- hundred years. To be born a Jew today is not an accident of birth but the total of over thousands of years of ancestral self-sacrifice, who at times gave their very lives for their beliefs. Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Nazis and Communists have tried to obliterate Jewish faith but failed. The Jewish spirit survived and clung to its traditions despite all odds."

Standing, Anderson got two bottles of water and offered Shana one.

"Thank you. Should I continue or drop it?" After Anderson nodded, Shana continued, "Deuteronomy 7: 3-4 in the Torah forbids intermarriage, for many reasons. Should the child be circumcised, christened, both or neither? Should the child have a Bar Mitzvah or be confirmed, marry in a synagogue or a church, be buried in a Jewish cemetery or be cremated? There are just so many issues that arise that non-Jewish have never considered."

"How do Hannah and her husband handle it?"

"They seem to be working it out, but they haven't even been married two years."

"So it is possible?" Anderson hesitated. "Were they married by a rabbi?"

"They actually had both a rabbi and a minister do the service."

The pilot announced they were preparing to land.

"You'd better put on your safety belt." Anderson attached his.


Chapter 18 part 2

A few yards from where the jet had landed an armored limousine waited. The driver stood alert beside the car. As Anderson and Shana stepped from the jet's ramp, Anderson put his hand on the small of Shana's back and escorted her to the limo. His gaze darted in every direction.

The driver opened the door. "Good morning, Mr. Sharp. I trust you had a good flight."

"We did, thank you. You have our route, correct?" Anderson waited for Shana to be seated and then closed the door before going to the other side to get in.

The driver crawled behind the wheel. "Any stops before the Children's Hospital of Illinois, sir?"

Anderson glanced at Shana for confirmation before he said, "No, directly to the hospital, thank you."

As the car maneuvered the streets, Shana's eyes met Anderson's. "Thank you. You've thought of everything, haven't you?"

"I doubt it, but I've tried. We'll discover what I've forgotten as we go. When that happens, we'll deal with it. How's that?" Anderson grinned.

Shana nodded. "Thank you, again."


At the hospital, the couple went directly to Pediatric Intensive Care. Shana asked at the nurses' station for Sarah Jacobs. The nurse made a call, and Hannah came running down the hall.

As the cousins embraced and tears fell freely, Paul and Anderson introduced themselves.

Before the ladies finished, Anderson asked, "Have you noticed anybody suspicious?"

"Last week, maybe Tuesday, we had gentlemen asking about Shana and the painting." Paul glanced over at Hannah and Shana. "Since we've been here, I've felt we're being watched, but haven't seen any evidence. I'm probably overreacting."

"I doubt it. I'm pretty sure they've done their research and know Shana and Hannah were close. They would've assumed Shana would come. I'm sure they're here." Anderson scanned the room. "But where?"

"Would they take advantage of Sarah's situation?"

"I doubt it. They haven't shown any signs of that type of behavior. I think they just want to ensure Kuznetsov keeps the painting." Anderson paused. "Do you mind if I speak with the doctors?"

"Why?" Paul's eyebrows rose.

"I'd like to see if there's any way I can help."

"I don't have a problem, but I'd better check with Hannah."

Anderson nodded as he watched a man step from the elevator. He recognized Benjamin Kohlberg, Shana's father. The woman with him must be Shana's mom. Now, I know where Shana inherited her beauty. I forgot to notify him that Shana would be in Peoria. This could get difficult. After a mental kick in the rear, he said under his breath, "Wonder what else I forgot."

"Shana, Shana!" The man hurried to her, waving.

Shana ran to him. "Father." They hugged. As she released her hug, she said, "Momma." She kissed her mother's cheek and hugged her.

After the greetings, Benjamin asked, "Why didn't you tell us you were visiting? We would have met you at the airport." He looked at Anderson and offered his hand. "Mr. Sharp, welcome. Thank you for bringing Shana home."

Anderson accepted it. "I'm glad we have this opportunity to meet again. Sorry it has to be under these circumstances."

Benjamin nodded and then introduced his wife.

"Father, I didn't tell you about coming because the decision was made after Hannah called this morning. I couldn't stay away. Anderson was kind enough to help. We've only been here for maybe fifteen minutes. I haven't seen Sarah, yet." She glanced toward Hannah.

The three of them walked to Hannah and Paul. After hugs and greetings, Benjamin said, "We came as soon as the Shabbat service was over."

"Thank you. Only two people can be in with her at a time. The nurse will direct you on the precautions. Shana, would you and Mr. Sharp like to go first?"

"I'll go last. Family should always come first." Anderson stepped back.

"Momma, why don't you and I go together?"

Eliana nodded, and the two ladies knocked on the intensive care door. Moments later, a nurse opened it.

"Why don't we have a seat? I'm sure they'll be in there a while." Anderson motioned to the waiting area.

The men followed, but Hannah remained and stared through the window. After all were seated, Anderson asked, "Could I get anyone some coffee or a bottle of water? We may be here a while."

Paul grinned. "Think they'd have tea? I'm sure my wife could use some."

"I'll find some. Anything else?"

"Some water." Paul stood. "Maybe that would help."

"When's the last time you've eaten?" asked Anderson.

Paul studied Hannah and then said, "Maybe Friday morning? I'm not sure."

"I'll get something."

Benjamin started to speak.

"I'll make sure it's kosher. I know it's the Sabbath," interrupted Anderson. We passed a Cafe Express on the way in. If it doesn't have kosher food, maybe the cafeteria does. I hope Jane and Helen are available for questions.

*Please remember this is only part of a much longer chapter. I divide my chapters into three or four parts for ease of reviewing.*

Characters so far:

Shana Kohlberg -- a 25 year old high school English literature teacher -- she's trying to get her family's painting back

Anderson Sharp -- often called Drew -- 31 years old -- works part-time on Wall Street -- a billionaire from Texas oil wells

Dmitry Bezrukov -- one of three Russian men in black suits

Jeff Burk -- takes care of Anderson's cars and important security details.

Helen -- Anderson's cook

Jane -- Anderson's housekeeper

Philip -- Anderson's butler -- close friend and confident

Kyle -- Anderson's dog walker

Axel -- Anderson's lead German shepherd

Thor -- Anderson's second German shepherd

Romeo -- Anderson's third German shepherd

Aaron Kohlberg -- Shana's older brother

Ivan Kuznetsov -- formally Ivan Morozov, I accidently chose a real person, so I have changed it present day owner of the painting.

Patricia -- Anderson's ex-wife

Emily -- Anderson's five year old daughter

Isaiah Glassberg -- Anderson divorce/custody attorney.

Jeremy -- Jane's second-cousin twice removed, NYC undercover cop.

Hannah Jacobs -- Shana's cousin, the same age and best friend. Married within the past year and just had a baby, Sarah. Her husband, Paul.

Joshua Colton -- Art Museum's curator

Benjamin Kohlberg -- Shana's father

Eliana Kohlberg - - Shana's mother

Maxwell Gaines -- Lawyer hired to retrieve the painting

Erich Berger -- Manager of the Dorotheum art auction house in Austria


Author Notes
I pray all my FanStory friends and fans have a Blessed New Year!!! Thank you Google Images for an image of the Children's Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, Ill. This post is rather calm, but I do promise things are going to get rowdy, shortly. I want to thank you for the generous support you give me. I truly appreciate it. I do value every suggestion.


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