- Eliminating Suspectsby Mistydawn
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Berryville PD questions suspects, the killer strikes again.
Bittersweet Revenge
: Eliminating Suspects by Mistydawn

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
List of Characters. 
Max Webb DA, Rachel, Jessica, and Samatha's dad, Bonnie's husband.
Bonnie Webb Jessica and Samantha's mom, Rachel's stepmom
Rachel Webb Nurse at the hospital. Max and Jeanie's daughter, Jessica's and Samatha's half-sister.
Samantha Webb Max and Bonnie's six-year-old daughter
Jessica Webb Max and Bonnie's 8-year-old daughter.
Jeanie - Rachel's mom
Emma Stone Rachel's cousin.
Joe detective with the Berryville PD
Jerry Detective with the Berryville PD
Kurt forensic analyst with the Berryville PD.

Joe pulls up to an old rundown trailer on the outskirts of town. I can't believe it's still standing. He remembers the terrible shape it was in when he was a child. Looking around, he sees acres of unused terrain. If they sold some of this off they could get rid of that death trap, move into something a lot nicer. The stench of skunk spray knocks him over when he climbs out of the car. There's nothing like the smell of good old country air, he chuckles, walking towards the house.

Joe truly understands why Judy might do it. She's lived in a rundown, bug-infested trailer for nearly thirty years, a place that should've been condemned years ago. He knows she constantly worries about the roof caving in, or someone falling through the rotten floorboards.

Of course, Frank only increases her anxiety. He comes home in a pissed off, drunken state and takes his anger out on her. If he isn't causing havoc in the trailer, he's out drinking up their income with the town whores.

Joe sympathizes with her circumstances and knows it'll break his heart if he has to throw her in jail. Judy's been like a second mom to me and now I might have to arrest her. Joe stops in the middle of the yard. I can't do this, I just can't. Not after all she's been through, after all she's done for me. He turns towards the car. Reaching the door he pauses again. I can't let my personal feelings get in the way of my job, no matter how bad it hurts. He tearfully walks towards the house.

Judy steps out of the trailer, her arms loaded down with dog bowls. Her graying hair is a tangled mess and her clothes are mere shreds of faded fabric.

She takes better care of her animals than herself.

"Hi, Joe," she says, carefully walking down the wobbly steps.

"Here, let me help you." He takes a few bowls from the top.

"Thanks." Walking over to the picnic table she sets them down.

Joe follows behind her. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm trying to stay busy. You know, keep my mind off of things but it doesn't seem to be helping." She wipes tears from her mascara-streaked face.

"I'm sorry for your loss."

She reaches over and pats his hand. "You've always been my favorite, you know." She smiles weakly.

Why did she have to say that? Joe thinks, feeling worse than ever about what he has to do. Put your big boy pants on and just do it. His Mama would scold when he dawdled over something he didn't want to do. I know Mama. Taking a deep breath, he turns to face her. "Judy, I hate to do this to you now but I need to ask you a few questions. They're routine, so please don't be upset by them, alright?"

She looks towards the ground, tears streaming down her face. "His death has been really hard on me, Joe."

Joe feels his heart split in two. "I know it has and I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important."

"Go ahead then." Sniffling, she dries her face with a shredded tissue.

"Does he have any enemies, someone who wants to harm him?"

"I can't think of anyone but God knows who he might've pissed off when he's out there doing his thing." She points towards town.

So far so good. "Has he received any threats?"

"Not that I'm aware of." She sniffles.

Just a few questions to go. "Did you or Frank receive any hang-up calls?"

"Yeah, but I figured it's one of his girlfriends, wanting to talk to him."

Joe gets a surprised look on his face. "So you're aware of his affair."

"Yes, but I loved him anyhow, I loved him anyhow," she sobs.

Joe wants to hold her, tell her everything will be alright the way she did him as a child but knows he has a job to do. Just a couple more questions and this nightmare will be over. "I noticed you have a life insurance policy on him, but stopped paying yours months ago."

"I dropped mine because money is a little tight," she says, wiping her face again.

"So the life insurance money would be a blessing?"

"Not really, see I dropped it to ten thousand last month. It'll take care of the funeral, but that's about all," she sniffles.

Joe nervously moves around. Just say it and get it over with, he reasons, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in his own skin."Can someone verify your whereabouts Monday afternoon between noon and two?"

"I'm a school teacher, so you can ask any of my coworkers where I was. Wait a minute, are you accusing me of killing my husband?"

"They're routine questions ...."

"How can you stand there and blame me for his death, Joe? After everything, I've done for you. Why I practically raised you from birth." She shoves him as hard as she can. "I can't believe you, Joe, I ...I just can't," she cries, storming towards the house.

"I'm sorry Judy, I really am."

She spins back around. "I admit he isn't the best husband in the world, but I loved him, Joe. I truly loved him," she yells, stomping up the steps.

"He was a lucky man to have you," Joe shouts, as the screen door slams shut behind her. He slowly walks towards the car, tears streaming down his cheeks. She'll never forgive me now, never. Wiping the tears from his face he turns back around. I'm so sorry Judy, so sorry, he sobs, Climbing into his car. How could I possibly believe such a soft-hearted person, who cares for every stray in the city be capable of such a horrendous crime? Glancing at the trailer one last time, he drives away.


She anxiously sits in the bar parking lot, waiting for her next victim. He's next on her list because not only did he hurt her as a young child, he tried to rape her a few short months ago.


It was a cold wintery night, temp in the single digits. The strong gusts of wind made it seem much colder. Looking up she sees heavy storm clouds covering most of the moon. That's why it's so spooky tonight. Wrapping her arms around herself she continues down the road. The damn car would have to die on me now. Hopefully, someone at the bar can fix it, or give me a lift home. She hears something rustling beside her. Screaming, she runs towards the bar. I don't know what that was, but it sure scared the hell out of me. Composing herself, she starts climbing the steps. Halfway up, lard ass, Bernie stumbles out the door.

"Hey pretty lady, do you want to have some fun?" he slurs, weaving back and forth in front of her. Feeling himself about to fall, he grabs the handrail for support. A putrid mix of alcohol, body odor, and dried piss drifts through the air.

"No thank you." Clamping her nose, she tries to go around his large hairy physique.

He steps in front of her. "Oh come on honey, I promise I'll be gentle," he grabs her arm.

"Leave me alone," she yells, trying to wiggle away from his grip. The horrid smell makes her nauseous as she struggles to break free.

Angered by her rejection, he grabs a hold of both arms and pulls her towards him. "Do you think you're too good for me? Huh, do you? Well, I have news for you. You're nothing but a two-bit whore just like your mother," he hisses, shoving her down the steps.

A loud whoosh of air expels from her lungs as her body bounces across the dirt.

Pulling out his hardened appendage, Bernie walks towards her.

"No, please, don't," she cries, scooting away from him.

Grabbing her hair he shoves her face into his crotch. "You know what I want." He smiles. The bar door opens, Bernie turns around.

"What are you doing?" a deep voice asks.

Humiliated, Bernie stuffs his penis in his pants, she scampers to the woods.


The blast of music brings her back to reality. There you are, you drunken bastard. Lifting up her crowbar, she takes her stance. A little further, that's it, one more step. "Hey Bernie, do you remember me?" she asks, springing out of the bushes.

Hearing a woman's voice he turns around. "Why don't you refresh my memory, sweet thing?" Smiling, he stumbles closer.

"You tried to rape me a few months ago." In one swift movement, she smashes the crowbar against his skull, he falls to the ground.

"Not mighty now, are you?" She laughs. Straddling him, she plunges the knife into his body. Blood spews on her with every thrust making the killing more gratifying. "Don't mess with little girls, because they grow up to become cold heartless bitches," she screams, stabbing him again. Grabbing a hold of his pecker she looks up at the sky. "This one's for you mamma." She slices off his manhood.



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