- A Better Meby HarryT
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Things to improve my character in 2018
A Better Me by HarryT
    New Year, New Me Contest Winner 

This coming year I resolve to be more relaxed
Disregard fake news and learn the true facts
Pay off credit cards and get into the black
And for sure no more regular gulps of Exlax
Exercise and prayer will become regular things
No more going off on drunken wing-dings
Begin being kind to all human beings
Try not to be a know-it-all ding-a-ling
To temptation I will try not to bend
Be a comforting, non-judgmental friend
A helping hand I will be there to lend
Will follow things begun through to the end
I resolve to become a much better me

Writing Prompt
2018 means a new start to all people; perhaps you can buy that car you have always wanted, or get a new haircut. For this prompt, write a poem about what you are going to change for this new year
New Year, New Me
Contest Winner


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