- A Cold Winter's Dayby Harry Smith
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A Love Poem
A Cold Winter's Day by Harry Smith
Passionate Love in Black and White writing prompt entry

The smell of the fireplace burning,
to warm the cold chilled air. The
flames, and the crackling of the
fire, soothes the mind, while you
run your fingers through my hair.

The sweetness of your lips, leaves
The sweetest taste. As the glowing
Flames for the fireplace, dance
upon your lovely face.

The taste of the hot-chocolate
Stimulated by your smile, fills
My heart with passionate desire

and your eyes speaks to me silently
through the glowing fire.

Sweet memories of time spent with
you, in this atmosphere, draws me
closer to you, and I want to feel
you near.

It gives me comfort, just knowing
You are here. I love having you near
me, especially this time of year. I
don't want you to leave, I really want
you to stay. I love having you near
me, on a cold winter's day.

Writing Prompt
Write a passionate love poem, any style, any length. Try to make us feel the heat and passion of your lovers without being vulgar or blatant. It has to be clean enough so you don't need to put any warnings on your poem.

Author Notes
This Poem was written as a passionate love poem.


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