- While I was sleepingby DR DIP
This work has reached the exceptional level
Nocturnal happenings
While I was sleeping by DR DIP


While I was sleeping
You walked the lonely streets of life
For you are homeless
No warm bed to lay your weary head

While I was sleeping

There was fighting and bloodshed
Somewhere in the world
Death in battle and terrorism in our streets

While I was sleeping

There was another dying of hunger
There were natural disasters and devastation
Another murder, another fatal car accident

While I was sleeping

Another child was born
into a world of uncertainty
In a world with an unknown future

I have awakened to a new day
To new challenges
As I greet the morning sun
What challenges lay ahead?

I have awakened to this new day
I now see this devastation
I hear of another death through war and terrorism
Another catastrophe

Yes I have awakened but let sleep be my own peace



Author Notes
It's funny, I woke this morning after a night's sleep and lay there and wondered just what happened last night in other parts of the world while I slept.
This is not my normal style of rhyming verse. I am stepping outside my comfort zone


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