- Church Choir Brawlby Sugarray77
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Church Choir Brawl by Sugarray77
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Deacon Fries wore purple eyes;
he glared at those who approached.
The story why he had purple eyes
wasn't a subject to be broached.

Pastor Brown, with a tiny frown,
asked the deacon why?
The deacon said, "My bruised up head
is because I am not shy.

The reason my eyes are like dark skies
is not to be discussed.
A lady you see, wounded me,
and a secret is a must.

Sister Sue, in the choir too,
sits on the pew in front.
When we stood to sing, above all things,
the men began to grunt.

Wedged in the back, right in the crack,
her dress was truly caught.
I jerked her hem, in front of them,
a good deed I had wrought.

Sister Sue, her aim was true,
gave me her best right hook.
Surprised was I, my good right eye,
the choir men just shook.

Appalled I was, because the buzz,
I decided there and then.
To put it back right where it was,
so, again, I took the hem.

Sister Sue, whose face was blue,
again stood and delivered.
A wallop true, to left eye too,
is now to be considered."

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Not funny but funny
Contest Winner


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