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Skeezix by prettybluebirds
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A monster dwells within our house. Strange noises echo in the night; it sounds as if a herd of horses is galloping up and down the stairway and across the upstairs floor. There is a thumping and bumping under our bed;  oh my, what can it be? Objects tend to disappear or show up in odd places where they don't belong. Sometimes toilet paper gets strung throughout the house and down the basement steps, but nowhere can the villain be found. Oh, he's a funny guy and loves to pull pranks on we who live here. The curious fact is, I invited the monster into our home.

I found him while walking down the road one day. He was the victim of another monster's whim. The two-legged beast abandoned my little monster to starve and die a miserable death. The poor guy was so frightened and cold, I had to convince him I meant no harm and wanted to help him. Even monsters need love and nourishment to survive.

Now the monster is the ruler of our home, Skeezix is his name. He holds his black tail high and proud as he pounces, runs, and plays all day.The older cats watch Skeezix with disdain but tolerate him because he is a baby. He torments and teases them until they will take no more and chase him around the house. If the older cats get seriously angry, Skeezix will squeeze under the couch where they are too big to go. There, his yellow eyes can be seen glowing in the dark as he contemplates his next mischievous deed.

Not having a kitten around for some years, my husband and I had forgotten how full of life and energy they are. He has certainly changed our quiet way of living since I found him. However, I'm so glad I rescued him as I can't imagine life without our little monster, Skeezix. I don't know if our old cats feel the same way as my husband and me, they won't discuss the subject.

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Write a story where your character found something that impacts his or her life. Maximum word count: 2,000 words.
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Author Notes
Some low-life individual dumped a bunch of cats and kittens along our road this fall. I took the rest of them to an animal shelter and intended to take Skeezix too. The kitten was smarter than me, he curled up on my husband's lap every chance he got. When I got ready to take him to the shelter my husband took offense and said, "Like hell you are." Skeezix is here to stay. Of course, I have to live to be 90 because cats can live for 20 years and I'm 71 now. LOL


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