- Then and Nowby Boogienights
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Thinking about my younger years
Then and Now by Boogienights
    Your Body Contest Winner 

My body has betrayed me,
the years have not been kind.
There's more to me than there used to be,
I wish I could rewind...
Go back to when I was twenty three,
my very finest year!
I haven't got a time machine,
so I guess I'm staying here.
I have bones that creak and aching feet,
arthritis has taken hold.
Where once I could go coatless,
these days I'm always cold.
My hair is quite a bit thinner,
grayer than I recall,
my brush holds all the evidence
as I watch the gray strands fall.
No matter how much I diet,
the pounds keep piling on.
I'm down to water and salad,
I fear it won't last long.
Even with the aches and pains,
inside is a younger me.
My mind still thinks like the person
I was at twenty three.
Though the mirror doesn't reflect it,
the years just melt away.
I still feel young, still want to have fun,
still smile and laugh each day.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type about your body.
Your Body
Contest Winner


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