- The Night Ladyby artemis53
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She Shuns the Hopeless Day
The Night Lady by artemis53

She's only a shadow,
both in vision and in mind
pushing a shopping cart
containing her life,
perched upon worn wheels
and walking the streets in darkness
before the morning light
can detect...
her full form.

A scarf pulled down
covers her face
tied in a messy knot at her chin
and she is bundled
in stained coats
protecting her anonymity...
not wishing to share herself
with the 'other' society.

Her destination is unknown to me
but a slumped posture
and a slowed gait
are the only hint
that she once carried the world
upon her shoulders,
but was overcome
by its weight.

Yet still she walks,
letting out mumbled epithets
or taking on an awkward,
grandiose pose
unaware of my presence.

And I think to myself
"Could I ever be her?"

And the answer comes.

"No one knows."


Author Notes
I really don't know where this came from.


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