- What is Your Giftby GWinterwin
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What will you give for Christmas?
What is Your Gift by GWinterwin

What will you give for Christmas, love, charity, and toys too?
Or will it be complaining, marching, selfishness in all you do?
Will you threaten the president and show what you really are?
Cause all the trouble you possibly can and set the flag on fire?

Too say you love this country, and then curse it every breath.
Do everything bad you can including things like certain death.
Your foul living really shows the world just what you believe.
Give me all you owe me world cause I know I should receive.

Will your gift be honest love always praising Jehovah God above?
Will you have forgiveness in your heart showing his perfect love?
Will you give material gifts because of your love for God and man?
Telling the world you honor the one of the foot prints in the sand.

What really excites you my friend about this Christmas Holiday?
The promise of eternal life or all the presents coming your way?
What a joke we make of Christmas when Jesus is last on our list.
How much better our world would be if on prayer we did insist.

Wake up world and truly know your time on earth is really short.
Stop doing things like shooting up and finding things to snort.
Stop thinking everyone owes you something cause your wrong.
Change your ways of thinking or you wont be around for long.

Let's make Christmas more than just a paid holiday to get off work.
Spending money on gifts for someone don't mean you're not a jerk.
Love this country and give it your best and don't be causing a rift.
That would surely be the most loving precious and honorable gift.


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