- A Night In Hell On Earthby easyeverett1
This work has reached the exceptional level
Observation of a third kind
A Night In Hell On Earth by easyeverett1

Part I

The winds of bitter winter swiftly blow
Across a city landscape, darkly cast,
In shadows from the dim-lit streetlamp glow
Where modern Gotham now is fading fast.

Dark alleyways collect discarded waste
Of human refuse born out of excess;
Redundant gluttony and boorish taste
In spite of needy lives now left with less.

The piercing echoes scream with siren sound,
Reverberating through the homeless night,
Where those with frenzied, frazzled minds are bound
As victims of the void inside the blight.

The homeless are but one more tragic part
Of all those now exploited on the street;
With ragged clothes piled high atop a cart
They dive the dipsy-dumpsters just to eat.

And now we fight two futile wars abroad
As homeless multiply across our lands.
Moronic men claim war inspired by God;
No Gods come forth to verify their stands.

Part II

I go to bed and wait my needed sleep;
The night brings dread as looming shadows creep.
My will to live is filled with ebb and flow,
But rage is ripe and rips at ev'ry foe.
Please let me stay away forevermore,
As mad men now are bound outside my door.
The mad will give you truth you don't believe,
But I will give a truth that makes you grieve.

The gray wren sitting injured in the grass
Now huddles waiting for the pain to pass.
The cutting knife will slice its life today,
While bible-thumping preachers kneel to pray.
The children sit in sick beds all alone
And blow-flies drop their eggs on skin and bone;
The child will die, as vermin start to bite,
By dawn the child is dead and maggot white.

The caustic, putrid smell of sweet decay
Will overpower people who must stay.
Humanity is hubris, mad and vain,
Evolved to escalate exchange of pain.
The elevated traits in man all bled
Out desolation now detached and dead;
Oh woe to those who thought they understood
This thrumming rumble from their neighborhood.

All pain remains a stain on life and death,
As babies strain to gain one final breath;
Deception from inception in the womb,
Spurs prophets to declare our fated doom.
If evil men face hell then truth prevails,
If not then life's a mockery that fails.
If man believes this false absurdity,
Then he's been pimped by grand stupidity.

Just buy a deck of cards and deal your fate,
Hear not the prophets waiting at the gate;
Or spoken words of seers grown too old.
Diviners of false gloom and doom so bold,
Survived throughout the ancient centuries
And still remain respected entities.
These same old stories also told us well
Of demon devils rising out from hell.

A demon could possess a man at will
To drive him crazy or at times to kill.
All myth survives in man's repeated lies;
Myth has become a ponzi exercise.
If God could speak to mankind way back then,
Reveal to me just why He quit and when?
The carnage caused by spreading false belief,
Has left a tragic legacy of grief.

If there's a higher moral certitude,
It's found inside a mind's great aptitude.
Please take the guilt upon yourself my friend,
We are the Armageddon in the end.
The children are the innocent who die
In agony beyond their painful cry.
Let all men know each loss is on their soul
To be adjudged when calling in death's toll.

The children sit in sick beds all alone
And blow-flies drop their eggs on skin and bone;
The child will die, as vermin start to bite,
By dawn the child is dead and maggot white.



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