- The Crafting of a Creatureby artemis53
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I Knew then, I Must Stay
The Crafting of a Creature by artemis53

I sit here in darkness.
The night is full upon me
where there is minimal light
from the chandelier and the screen
that holds my writing.

I lean back
feeling the fleece of my robe,
the deep warmth of the fire stove
upon my feet
and I merely
no longer a part of this world
but walking through memories
of other days
which once sustained me.

I am crafted from them
and cannot refuse their call
for they are persistant
and I cannot deny their presence.

So I drift between planes

in a semi-conscious state
hearing only
the purring of the cat
and the light tap
of my fingers upon the board
that seems so far away.

I regress to childhood wonders,
then teen-age angst and pleas
moving through adulthood,
a Mother with children,

their first teacher...

telling stories and tales
urging them to grow up strong and straight
unlike myself
who struggled through
all dreams.

I then drift off to You...
fair of face
with softest of hands
remembering the laughter
as well as my rage that shattered me
and see...
you picking up the pieces of my life
spread upon the floor
and re-assembling them in a new fashion.

And it was then
that I loved you

even more.




Author Notes
Forgive my redundancy in the music. I just wanted to reinforce the words of this piece
that have so much meaning.


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