- Aardvark World 8by Bill Schott
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a third scene in a one act play
: Aardvark World 8 by Bill Schott

In the previous scene, the crew of the USS Moreau prepared to send a permanent detachment to the surface of Pluto (Planet 9 in Space) to begin a colony. Prior to departing, Professor Gorilla noted there was classified information that she was about to divulge.

Lion: There are some aspects of this mission it was elected to keep from the crew. I' m sorry, but as Professor Gorilla has said, it was necessary.

Bear: Noll mo lice, Cupton Lion.

Lion: First, Commander, my name isn't Lion.

Bear: Yo awl lion; wad elz cud yobee cult?

Aardvark: My naymth not ardthvark eether

Bear: Don telm ee -- you awl ion.

Mink: No, Commander. I am Lion.

Bear: Obcourz ! I im lion too!! Un mayd aughter izza keeta kad.

Aardvark: Sat's odd.

Lion: Calm down, Commander. There is a reason for all this deception.

Gorilla: Years of research has shown that only three types of Earth creatures can exist on Planet 9 in Space --- walruses, apes, and bears.

Mink: I am a walrus, Commander Bear.

Bear: You arr walrus an I im walrus. Odvark is coo-coo- rooch. Wad ah yo, Prafvessa? Da budderfly?

Professor: Calm down, Commander and let me explain.

Aardvark: Wath a coocooroodth?!

Lion: A small bug.

Aardvark: I would hafth to eath mythelf.

Bear: Ee-at may, Od fark!

Lion: That's enough! Professor, go ahead with your explanation.

Professor: Walruses, bears, and great apes have been genetically configured to survive in Kelvin range temperatures. They are also able to mate with each other.

Bear: Wad?!?!!

Professor: We hope to have a colony, within a few decades, that can conquer the land and sea there.

Bear: Zo yo haf mayd aughter mockink bobbies wif thees craytons?

Aardvark:  I'll be gintle. 

Professor: I'm afraid that, try as you might, you would not produce an offspring with Bear or me.

Aardvark:  Thumtimes thimply making sthee effort ith sthee beth reward.

Mink: We will need you here on the ship, Lieutenant. Defff-finitely

Bear: Why iz zo zeecrit?  Wad cud bay hart bay tellink pe-apple?

Lion:  The sun is in a pre-nova stage, Commander. We are on this mission to populate what will likely be the only planet with life on it within the next three centuries. This colony must thrive, create, advance, and, eventually, move out into deeper space. The solar system will be gone by the third millenium.

Aardvark:  I sink a thit my panth.

To be continued...

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