- Ode to Getting a Good Night's Sleepby Reese Turner
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Can you tell the book from my covers?
Ode to Getting a Good Night's Sleep by Reese Turner
    Ode Poetry Contest Winner 

Ode to that book, the thick one
Tabled there, right by my bed;
It's been with me many years
Yet, still, to this point, unread.

I keep it close, with intent to read,
'least, that's what I tell wife dear,
She's changed asking when I'll
Read it to, "why is it still here?"

You see, it was a gift from her
Several Christmases ago,
Recommended by her friend,
A teacher, so she should know...

But, "boring" would understate
That writer's dullard wit, alas,
Couldn't even peruse reviews -
Reminded me of Eco class...

So, why do I keep such a book
If not worth the price she paid?
Its mere proximity shuts my eyes,
This, my "non-addictive sleeping aid."

Writing Prompt
Write an Ode poem. It is a poem praising a person, place or thing.
Ode Poetry
Contest Winner

Author Notes
No book? Try watching European soccer...


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