- The Star of Bethlehemby Ideasaregems-Dawn
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Christmas poem (a contest entry)
Dawn's Favorite Poems, Vol. 4
: The Star of Bethlehem by Ideasaregems-Dawn
Christmas Poetry contest entry

If such a star appeared for us to guide us through the night,
I wonder if we'd follow it to view a royal sight
or if we'd scoff, insist such things are easily explained,
that science held the answer, there was nothing to be gained

by being overawed and foolish, easily impressed.
(Has humankind evolved at all, or have we all regressed?)
This Christmas as we gather with our friends and family,
I pray we all remember what it cost to set us free.

Imagine for a moment that the tiny babe was ours;
would we, for any price on earth, surrender to such powers
as those that knew this precious child would perish on a cross?
As parent to this infant, could we bear that kind of loss?

Our God is love so boundless we can only give our lives
in service to our fellow man, and pray that faith survives,
for each of us belongs to Him who gave His only Son,
and none of us are worthy, yet He loves us, every one.


Author Notes
~ D Dawn Munro on Facebook ~

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