- Tearsby Brigitte Elko
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Seeing someone cry evokes a reaction.
Tears by Brigitte Elko
Tetractys Contest writing prompt entry



from my eyes

behold watchers

my vulnerability on display.

Writing Prompt
Tetractys is a simple and interesting form of poetry. Write a poem, with only five lines. Each line adds one syllable until the last stanza which has ten syllables. The structure is: line 1 - 1 syllable,
line 2 - 2 syllables, line 3 - 3 syllables,
line 4 - 4 syllables,
line 5 - 10 syllables


Author Notes
Tears may show joy, sadness, or just melancholy moods. When someone cries it evokes reaction from the viewer.
i would like to thank Vince Fallert for this sensual image.


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