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A short story about my mishaps yesterday
Shop in shambles. by robina1978
This Sentence Starts The Story contest entry
To my dear hubby, Robert.

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
'Did you hear that?' somebody asked.
'I really don't know.'

But thinking deeply, I remember a disaster that happened yesterday. I am so ashamed about this event. I took my scoot mobile to the shops, and my little doggy, called Smokey.

We mainly went to get certain things in the post office, I always leave the scootie outside. And I just take the dog in to prevent theft. I got what I needed, put them in my backpack.

Near the post office is an expensive plant shop. I wanted to buy some flowers for hubby, Robert, as he was ill once more.
Why the heck did I go in with the scoot mobile and Smokey? I think and know I forgot to use my brains. Maybe I was too tired to think, with the long hours I make.
Anyway, the pair of us ruined a lot in this shop. I landed on my bottom, so the shop assistants hauled me up.

When the boss guy arrived, he asked immediately if I was insured. I hesitated shortly, then answered. I think if he had not just come at that moment, I might have got off with a lighter sentence. We will never know.

The biggest cost will be for a crack in fortified window. But our insurance will pay for this.

Robert worries sick about it. I think he is depressed.

He is so handicapped after his operation, had two pneumonias, and hardly eats.
I am now trying to get advice from his dietician. She knows him well. And he trusts her.


Author Notes
Many thanks to the maker of this photo.
Thanks also to several people that helped me improve this story.


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