- Will be Met With Fire and Furyby Liberty Justice
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President Trump protects us against enemies.
Will be Met With Fire and Fury by Liberty Justice
What Has The Prez Been Up To Lately writing prompt entry

"North Korea will be met with fire and fury,

Like world has never seen."

"Rocket man, don't mess with U.S.A;

Every blasted word, I mean!"


who will be tested

like never

tested before."

"Will completely

#### D E S T R O Y, ####

#### A N N I H I L A T E ####

N. K O R E A,

If it shoots missiles at

America's backdoor."




Writing Prompt
Write a short poem on the topic, "What Has The President Been Up To Lately?"- not exceeding 50 words.
(Title not included in the word count)
No profanity, please.
One illustration (optional).
No soundtrack, animation, video, or special effects of any kind.
All opinions invited.

Author Notes
****PRESIDENT TRUMP stated on television news stations that: Kim Jong-un "will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen," if he shoots missiles at the United States.****
As you probably know, this Ruler of North Korea has been shooting dangerous, long-range, ballistic missiles towards S. Korea, (its enemy), towards Japan, China, and even Russia. Some missiles landed in oceans overseas close to lands of these Nations.

NOTE: I am not declaring whether or not I am a democrat, republican, or independent, and I am not defending anyone, but merely stating FACTS from news reports. I am not taking sides at this time.

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean ruler, said on tv that President Trump is like "a barking dog," and "will make United States pay." He said some more negative words against President Trump, but I do not care to repeat these words, here. So far, the news has not reported N. Korea shooting off any more missiles in several weeks, because China put sanctions against them, and Japan and Russia probably told them sternly to stop showing off and trying to start Wars.

ALSO NOTE: Contest instructions state this contest, "What has the Prez Been Up to Lately, {CAN NOT EXCEED "50" WORDS.} I added some quotes from the President, but words like: "Every blasted word, I mean"--I made up myself, and, I,also made up: "If it shoots missiles at America's backdoor" to give more power and emphasis to these warnings.


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