- A Woman on Fireby artemis53
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I Wreak Destruction at This Time
A Woman on Fire by artemis53

I ask you not come near me
unless it's what you dare.
For I am drenched in fire
spitting flames out

Spontaneous combustion
from my most wretched soul,
an art that might consume you
and make you less
than whole.

And I am filled with fury
for pain
proclaims my way.
A wrathful pool of energy...
and angst
defines my day.

I give to you fair warning.
I am not what I seem
for I live within nightmares
not knowing
tranquil dreams.
For they are but
a sham to me
and instigate my ire,
just adding to the fuel I seek
within this
caustic pyre.

So only come quite warily,
if that is your desire.

At first my warmth shall beckon you,
a haven from your cold.
But do not touch...
I'll sear your page
with flames
I can't control.

And you shall be a sacrifice,
that lamb that sees his end.
I'm not akin to closeness.
I shall not be your friend.

So steer clear
if you see me
or smell the smoke I bring
for I am just a blaze unleashed
and your song,
I'll not sing.



Author Notes
Well, one step forward and two steps back. I guess it's all just a part of it since the fires will refine you.


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