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A poem about being sorry, and??
I'm sorry for many things. by robina1978
I'm Sorry contest entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Am I truly sorry for certain things
who knows them? Cause I can't clearly think.

I remember many fights in the past,
Robert got it all, he walked away
feared for anger issues those days
never did this last.

I alienated many relatives,
not so sorry about these.
I miss them though.
Were part of my life.

I lost many-many friends,
when I was crazy as a real idiot
I was admitted for a total of four months
I'm very sorry losing most of them.

Nowadays I don't visit church anymore,
as our minister moved quite far away.
I'm very sorry about this day.
Maybe I can ask him come to our door.
My religions stays forever more.

I'm sorry we did not get children.
Robert, my hubby, has three sons
from his first marriage.
A long time I missed this,
at the end you have adept,
accept fate.
Robert still wanted a girl.
He even knew a name for her.

I loved my life when still working,
much since I was forced to stop,
due to many disabilities.

I love our animals.
On top the litter we bred
with a Border Collie, Gypsy.
and having cats.

I'm sorry losing so much,
trying to emigrate twice.
I can cry about this all day.
I don't though, hide under a mask
every bloody night and day.


Author Notes
Many thanks to Liilia for the lovely artwork.
Thanks Patty for the corrections.


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