- Old Man Winterby Mimi Linny
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A season of life for Old Man Winter
Old Man Winter by Mimi Linny
    Personification of Winter Contest Winner 

Yawning through the autumn breezes,
Old Man Winter wakes with sneezes.
Stretching wide his wings from rest
Another year's at his behest.
While breathing icy, chilly frost,
He waves behind the seasons lost.
And as he forms his winter cave
With Mother Nature as his slave,
Through whirling winds and frigid chill
Creates his wintery citadel.

Then arches back and takes command...
"I'm here to rule this Winter Land!
With brawn, controlled authority,
I'll reign in true supremacy
And dominate in potent form,
Through frigid cold, dynamic storm
And take to task the seasons mild...
In strength, I'm nature's different child!"
"But in all fairness, judge not ye
For there's another side of me.
Behold my still and tranquil sound
Of graceful snowflakes floating down;
And framed upon the moon aglow,
You'll glimpse the gentle falling snow.
Serene and sparkling, glistening bright,
When all's encased in snowy white,
A calmness tames my winter's moan
With Mother Nature's gentle tone."
But then at last his time will come
When Old Man Winter's days are done
With one last breath, a chill he'll blare
While Spring looms dancing in the air...
"Goodnight, dear friends," he's heard to cheer,
"It's past my bedtime... til next year!"

Writing Prompt
Using any form of poetry, with or without rhyming, write about Winter using the technique of personification (as if this season were a person).
Personification of Winter
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Artwork compliments of Pinterest.


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