- I Believeby Liberty Justice
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I have faith in God That He protects me.
I Believe by Liberty Justice
    My Faith Contest Winner 

That when I leave home
no matter where I roam,
through rough roads
of life;
That God Will see me safely back

That when I'm scared,
thinking no one
But God Cares about me,
Stands beside me,
and guides me.

That when I'm in pain,
that keeps me up
half the night,
That God Eases my sufferings
and makes everything

That when I leave out
my door,
hear lightening strike
and thunder roar
That this might be
God's Powerful voice shouting
out to the everyone and me,
protecting the world from itself and
our enemies.

That when I don't have
money to pay my rent,
or no money for
food, not one red
That somehow, if I have
Then God Will provide.

That when my fears get
the best of me,
because of all the tragedies
I see on tv;
Perhaps, God will calm
my restless heart,
and I can live again,
Make a brand new start!


*** I BELIEVE .***

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type about your faith.
My Faith
Contest Winner

Author Notes
God Has protected me all through life, even when I made mistakes, I feel He has forgiven me and helped me to be a better person. I have had a few accidents in my life where careless reckless drivers have run over me, and I was flown to hospitals by helicopters. God, I truly Believe, helped me recover and get back on my feet, physically, mentally, and emotionally; but, I am still trying to get off my knees and get back on my feet "financially."

I thought writing and publishing two books would help me financially; however, I've only sold a few copies of my books this entire year. Last year, I couldn't buy my children much for Christmas--only some red and white candy canes, and I could see the hurt look in their eyes when they cried. It wasn't my fault I had been laid off my job of many years.

I BELIEVE that my luck will change and God or someone will bless me with a good job or support o perhaps I can sale thousands of copies of my books. I BELIEVE. Also, I pray that soon I will be able to provide a better life for myself, my child, and grandchildren, if only, I Truly Believe! I BELIEVE!


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