- Skin Deepby IndigoLady
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Skin Deep by IndigoLady
    Poem about AHA! Moment aka EUREKA! Contest Winner 

A breathtaking beauty
Vulnerable and shy
At 16 years old
She oft asked why

Why have dimples
Like pits on my face
Why does my big head
Feel so out of place

Why do all the boys
Want to date me
Why are the other girls
So full of jealousy

Why does my reflection
Show me a 'Plain Jane'
Why can't I see beauty
'Neath my unruly mane

Why do I love the boy
Who has stolen my heart
Why does my heart break
When he says we must part

Why doesn't beauty
Protect and defend
Why does my friend
Not comprehend

And that's when the friend
Learned about life
Beauty doesn't guarantee
You'll live without strife

From that day forward
She then understood
You don't have to have beauty
For life to be good.

Writing Prompt
We have all had those "AHA" Moments when the light bulb goes on over our head and we "get it". Write a non-fiction poem of any length and style about an actual "AHA" moment that you have had, or someone you know has had.
Poem about AHA! Moment aka EUREKA!
Contest Winner


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