- My Irish Blessingsby A. Willow Bends
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I would love my sons to see Ireland.
My Irish Blessings by A. Willow Bends
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My two grown sons are unique. They have two different fathers, but with the same last name. The "Americanized" name is Colopy, changed from the Irish version of O'Collopy. The ancestors immigrated in search of a better life.
I would love to see my sons visit the homeland of their forefathers.
While Ireland has experienced many obstacles over time, the pictures I have seen are so astoundingly beautiful, those of pastoral green-hued, gently rolling hills bordered by low stone walls; animals placidly grazing.
I can nearly envision them my boys sharing a pint or a steaming stew and loaf in an antiquated Irish pub and celebrating the past that brought the joys of the present, my sons. I would love to hear of that adventure, a brotherly pilgrimage, so to speak.
I can clearly see them kissing the Blarney Stone on a misty morning beneath a radiant sky of cloudless blue blended against the emerald horizon.
If I never have the financial means to send them, I pray the opportunity presents itself for them some day to go, and . . .
"May the road rise up to greet them and May God hold them in the Palm of His Hand."
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Author Notes
This desire to see my sons make a trip to Ireland has been a lifelong dream of mine.


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