- 'Black Dog'by Chrissy710
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'Black Dog' by Chrissy710
ABAB Poetry Contest contest entry

I have a raging storm inside my head
Black clouds keep rolling by without an end,
A warning flash of lightning Is my dread
Another surge of dark thoughts will descend. 

I feel deep rumblings start and then I know
Relentless raindrops form behind my eyes,
Storm clouds within my mind begin to grow
And flooded plains of anger start to rise.

A heavy heart and mind that won't abate
This void I can't explain consumes my life,
I feel I've lost my soul and it's too late
To claw my way out of this awful strife.

Flood tides creep in until I start to drown
Deep breaths inhaled to calm this savage sea,
This raging storm inside just keeps me down
I think I need someone to rescue me.

I cower under covers like a child
Block out my ears and hum a simple tune,
To try and stop my fears from running wild
I pray this hurricane will settle soon.

I see a glimpse of hope within my sight
My restless thoughts can find the peace I need,
If I stay true to who I am and fight
With strong determined strength I will succeed.

At last this storm begins to leave my mind
My sanity returns; my thoughts are clear,
But somewhere in my headspace I will find
This black dog who is often lurking near.

Christine 2/10/17


Author Notes
Written for all those who have very down days in their lives. I have recently been unwell and not inclined to write or do much else and then had a sever case of the influenza that made me feel even worse. Thankfully a holiday is what I needed to refresh my soul and let me get back to my old self, Usually on top of things and happy but I do know what it is like to get down.
I think everyone has the capacity to feel down at times and that is OK to admit this and find a solution that works for you. We call it the 'Black dog' in Australia

Thanks for reading my work

Thanks to Paul9801 for the image Eyes of the soul

Cheers Christine


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