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A Rondelet for the contest
Deep in Thought by tfawcus
    Rondelet Contest Winner 

Much thought is due
before I gain the words to speak.
Much thought is due
in times like this while words accrue.
Each day I learn of life’s mystique;
fresh marvels that unfold each week.
Much thought is due.

Writing Prompt
Write a rondelet.

The Rondelet is a French form consisting of a single septet with two rhymes and one refrain: AbAabbA. The capital letters are the refrains, or repeats. The refrain is written in tetra-syllabic or dimeter and the other lines are twice as long - octasyllabic or tetrameter.


Happy Am I!

Happy am I!
For I have found a friend in you.
Happy am I!
The sun is shining in my sky.
I know that you will see me through,
No more will I be feeling blue.
Happy am I!

Copyright © 2003 Linda Newman
Contest Winner


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