- Bonhoeffer's Revengeby Babydeedee
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protest poem
Bonhoeffer's Revenge by Babydeedee

These are the days of Ezekiel
with whom the story of
God's power challenged
the priests of Baal
this is Bonnhoffer's revenge
the surprise
the waiting
the hanging
Hitler smiled
Jesus cringed
and promised to flip their tables over
that of the Federal Reserve
the Islamic state
the patriots ball
has been overturned to the
child of a Senator
with a silver spoon
" come and see Frieuline "
what they have done to
my righteous father
I wept
and cursed
then praised The Lord of heaven
amidst the evil storm
I entered His Courts with
thanksgiving and praise
pleading for the life of my lover
for the second time in my life
I used to drink down my revenge
now I get down on my knees
and plead to the Lord
"Save the one my soul loves!"
the one that can live
in my aura of Angelic Wrath
with truth and justice
the American way
The new Jerusalem.

Author Notes
the cost of discipleship


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